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Imagine, having your pool structure delivered and pre-assembled. Your above ground pool structure and lining is one piece, solid fibreglass. No little nuts and bolts and no worries about a vinyl liner getting a hole, when the boys are being boys.

The Princess above ground pool is a innovation in the pool market from Value Pools. Equally adept as a free standing above the ground pool, or installed as in ground, this pool, it is extremely robust and a terrific price making it one of the most inexpensive ways to get into the swim of things. This is unique in the above ground pool market, the pool shell is one piece, no assembly required, once the U brace is placed under the pool it is fully self supporting.
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product overview

The idea for this fibreglass pool came from our Eagleray Boats designer. It’s a simple premise, we make both commercial and family boats that are larger than this that keep our boaties alive and well in open water by keeping the water out. With our expertise in in ground pools, it is a logical extension to build an above ground pool to keep the water in.

Fibreglass is a great material to work with, incredibly strong and flexible. The Princess pool shell is all in one piece and quite literally it’s lifted off the truck and onto the level spot you prepared for it. You connect up the pipes, pump and filter and it’s ready to add water.


Want to read more about the Princess Pool? Download a PDF of our product guide.

the old vs the new

Now imagine building a pool that is about 7m long and 3m wide and how many bits and bobs you will need – the preparation, the assembly, the cementing of the support structure, spreading of the vinyl liner etc.

Think of that as the old way…

The new way

This time the pool shell shows up in one piece. It’s totally resin / fibreglass based, perfect for holding about 18,000 litres of pool water nothing to rust, even if it is salt chlorinated.

It’s lifted off the truck, put on your level site with the U brace under, you add your pump and filter, steps or ladder and get the fence OK and away you go.

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