run your own successful business with help from us.

We build top quality shells, the equivalent of any of our competitors at a sensible price offering you and your customers value for money. We are able to do that by keeping our operation lean and not having to build thousands of dollars of administration and overhead costs into each and every pool that goes out the gate. We have created a business model that works by selling pools at various levels of construction and providing them at a price that the average Queenslander can afford. This affords you the opportunity to be not only successful financially but contributing to the health of your local community.

You know what, this is the part of this page where we should be telling you what great marketers we are and how that can be used to help you run a successful business. That’s really a given isn’t it? Of course we are going to say we are good marketers and the fact that you are still reading this page means that we are not too bad at it. Surely what you really want to know what we do that is different. Well, here it is, several things. If you want to succeed in an industry you need to be ahead of the game, you need to know what the next big thing is, before it is. We have done that already and you know what, we can produce more pools and want to maximise our profit by getting more people in on the system so that we do produce more pools. How is that for honesty, we all want to feel good about what we do, but there is no point if you are not making money as well.

our franchise, marketing and culture

We think laterally and differently, we change, we roll with the punches and we adapt to our and your local market. We’ve already said that our manufactured pools are at least the equivalent to any of our competitors, (Everybody claims, as do we, that they are the best) so what gives us the advantage? Well here it is, as much as its considered crude to mention pricing in a marketing proposal, the reality is our pricing is so good that our competitors struggle to get even close.

That’s why the phrase “roll with the punches” is in the first paragraph of this section. We run into phrases all the time such as “you get what you pay for in this world” but really isn’t that just an excuse from someone that wants you to pay more money for what you are being offered anyhow.

We have a unique tailored sales system to offer to your clients. We are happy to duplicate that proven system for you. Because we are lean and have a small and educated management team, we will listen to what you have to say. We will modify the marketing approach to suit your local market, and yes we will be honest with you. If you are looking to invest in traditional marketing areas that we do not think works.

We will listen to you if you think that what we are proposing will not work in your market, but we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is. All in all, we adopt some really basic principles that we are happy to run through with any prospective franchisee who is genuine, and show you how and why it works.

It won’t cost you anything to talk to us, and if you are genuine, not another competitor trying to “sus us out” we will be very specific on what we can give you before you outlay anything.

We do not apologise if our marketing approach seems aggressive. We do take on the market and we have been very successful at it. We invite you to join with us in our successes.

where we will take you

Exciting Queensland brand – yes we are Queenslanders and our primary interest is in creating franchise operations in Queensland. We’ve only been going for 10 years but the principals of our company have been in the industry for 35 years. In our business we have been through 10 years of growth and excitement, not 1 year 10 or even 20 times.

we are different, but...

We show you how to work the difference and we give you guidance if things aren’t quite working to plan. We do all of the boring things as well, like we provide you with training and documents that you can fall back to as well as pricing and financial advice. All essential and great, but we make it work for you.


We will show you what works and we build costs into our franchise fees to be able to inject money directly into your community after working with you.

We will be tough on you and us and make the hard calls on what’s working and should be tried. You do not need fancy words about national advertising and the like because that doesn’t really affect you.

What really affects you is the bang for the buck that you receive, in other words how many sales are you making, and that’s our concern as well because its how we both make money together.

Do you want to own a successful and valuable asset?
The answer is obvious, yes. Our goal is to achieve that with you because it’s the only way that we can move forward, and that is together. That sounds a little bit jingoistic, and we apologise for that, but if you are making money then we are making money and all of us are happy. Do we need to state it more simply than that?
When your business is making money and you are happy and life is good, but you may have reached that certain age when you think you should retire. Doesn’t it make it easier to sell and get a return on the effort that you have put in over the years if you have proven profits and a proven documented system rather then “ well it has sort of worked for me by just feeling my way ” ?