Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions. This list is by no means exhaustive, it includes a couple of questions that tend to cause pause for prospective pool owners.

Remember we have staff who can answer your questions about your swimming pool needs, so if you can’t find your answer here please call us on (07) 5474 2311 or you can email us at with your question.

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Site and Site Access

A. Short answer – Yes, it just makes for more careful planning. You may be surprised to know that you can find excavation machines small enough to fit through a door and large enough to dig a pool on acreage in a jiffy. Most excavator operators are happy to drop around to have a look and advise you accordingly.
A. An in ground filbreglass pool does need the ground around to support it. If the pool is going to be protruding at any point, especially more than 300mm, you’d best give us a call. In steep blocks (more than 500mm fall) what is really popular is the above ground pool because it is free standing.  You need to cut a terrace into the slope and away you go, a perfect solution that will be tens of thousands cheaper than a concrete pool.

Crane operators are easy to find, look in the Yellow Pages under “Crane Hire”. You need them to lift the pool into the hole (pools weigh about 500kg). Normally it’s one of the cheapest parts of the installation, they charge by the hour and most charge a minimum of 2 hrs (about $250 for the typical crane). If you’re not sure ask them to come around to give you a quote. Mostly small mobile cranes called “Fanna” are used, or if the pool’s to be lifted over the house a “slew” might be required. Most are small business operators and are happy to hear from you as doing little lifts like this is the bread and butter of their business.


A. Loaded question as all workers are different. A throw away line is as little as 2 days to dig and install the shell (that’s two days of hard yakka) to however long it takes. A professional paver will take a day to do the beam and paving, a handy man if you are paving maybe longer. Certifiers and Engineering generally takes about 2 weeks to get approvals, so getting swimming if you stay organised can be quite a quick job.

A. You do, if you want to get some names we can provide you some certifiers and engineer names that are experienced with pools.

Ordering the Pool

A. Give us a call or an email, the office will send you out a order form, from which you can select the pool, colour, pump and filter options and so on. A deposit starts the process with us, scheduling the build and sending you the installation instructions.

A. Technically you build it. We supply you the kit, the kits are fibreglass in ground pools in six different shapes and sizes, and several colour choices. We also do the one above ground fibreglass pool.

After Sales Service

A. We provide extensive written care and chemistry instruction which is delivered with the shell. The installation instruction similarly is there to assist. We provide accessories from suppliers that have mobile support and repair staff. Value Pools can also offer telephone support. Should the unthinkable happen and you accidentally break a shell , the beauty of fibreglass is that it can be repaired, in most cases invisibly, without any loss to strength or durability.
"Our installation came to an end today and I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for a great job. Please pass on a big thank you to Paul and the boys for such a professional job. It was fun having them around."