Okay, so you have decided that you want an installed fibreglass swimming pool on the Sunshine Coast or in south east Queensland. You’ve looked at the options being an assisted installation or a kit pool and made the choice that this isn’t for you. You’ve considered concrete and recognise the benefits of fibreglass.

The smooth surface inhibits the growth of algae and makes the pool a lot easier to keep clean. Another huge advantage of the fibreglass pool option, is that young kids using the pool do not take skin off their knuckles or feet or knees as a result of being in the pool for hours on end and making contact with the rough interior finish that is standard with a concrete pool. Really though, it is all about having a great looking pool for minimal effort throughout its long life.

The shapes and sizes that we have are the most popular shapes and sizes in the market, whether your pool choice be concrete or fibreglass. So, why wouldn’t you buy from a manufacturer and then get them to install the pool for you as well? There’s no reason not to and plenty of reasons to! You need to have the one point of contact for anything to do with your pool, and that’s us.
Another advantage that we have, is that our installers have also worked in our factory and they know exactly what they are dealing with with the fibreglass pool that arrives at your site. They are friendly and efficient and will see to your every need. The factory will time the delivery of your pool and liaise with you so that it all occurs within the timeline that you have been advised of.
Even for our fully installed pools we are very price conscious and would be surprised if anybody in the market place is able to match us. Call now for an obligation free quote and deal direct with local manufacturers.

Pool Installation Options

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