Value Pools was created to provide an economic alternative to a normal retail in-ground swimming pool installation. We have set out below some basic information on what is involved in building your own pool, but for those that feel that they would like a licensed builder to carry out part of the installation, or the whole installation, this can be arranged.

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10 Steps to In-Ground Pool Installation

This is a very brief overview only of the basic steps to installation of a new in-ground pool. When you order a pool we’ll provide a comprehensive set of instructions, diagrams and tips to help you on your way. As you are reading though this and you may be wondering about how you’ll find a excavator operator, or crane operator these guys are small business operators, are keen to work for you, our installation instructions can help here too.

In-ground Pool Installation Sunshine Coast

Step 1: Order the Pool

Easy, this web site and our staff can assist, we have a simple order form we can email, post or fax to you. At the same time we can arrange transport for the pool shell to your house or if you have your own suitable truck we have hoist to load it for you (you can tie it down). To get the pool started a deposit is required to get it on the road cleared funds received.

Step 2: Get your building approval

Most councils use private certifiers, a quick flip of the yellow pages will find ‘Building Certification Services’ or your local council’s building department may do it. As part of the approval they’ll ask for a engineer to provide a install report. These are pretty well standard stuff and again yellow pages ‘Engineering Consultants’ in both certifiers and engineers we can let you know who are about.

Step 3: Book your Excavator and Crane, and read the instructions

More or less at the same time as step two, when we receive a deposit we send out the installation instructions to you (care and maintenance instructions come with the pool), this gives you a chance to plan your install and get everyone booked, including your mates if they are going to help – tip – their attendance is normally improved if you invite them to a BBQ and not mention the pool building.

Step 4: Getting your Pool Fence ready

Look into getting your fence done, most hire (for a few hundred dollars) a construction pool fence, your certifier will let you know about inspections, approvals, and when you are allowed to put water in the pool.

Step 5: Dig the hole

A excavator is the go here, doing by hand although not impossible.

Step 6: Level the base for the pool shell and put the shell in the hole

Its a lot like preparing a simple non compacted screen for laying paving the install instruction gives you the tips and tricks, once the base is done you put the pool in the hole and start connecting up your plumbing.

Step 7: Back fill and put the water in

Almost done, provided your fence is inspected and approved, as you put the water in (and it rises) you simply backfill the pool (the gap between the pool and the sides of your hole) with the suggested crusher or aggregate at about the same rate as the water.

Step 8: Lock the pool in with a ring of concrete

Its only about 350mm wide and about 100mm deep typically depending on pool size a mini mixer can delivery the approximate 1 to 1.5 cubic metres of concrete that’s required to do the job.

Step 9: Add your pool chemicals

Add your salt (if you’ve ordered a pool chlorinator) and the chemistry that we or the pool shop has supplied and you’re about done.

Step 10: It's Swim Time!

Give it a clean and go for a swim. The in-ground pool installation instructions include diagrams, and a lot more information.

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